How to Reject Candidates the Right Way


Companies are spending more money on improving their employer brand without realizing that one of the easiest and best ways to improve their employer brand is to provide a great candidate experience, whether a person is offered the job or not.

Bad Job Descriptions Are Turning Away Good Candidates


Offering candidates a deeper understanding of what role they’ll play in your company doesn’t necessarily mean writing a longer job description.

Company Culture: What Millennials Want = What’s Good for Your Company


The changes we’ve seen in the last few decades to work culture reflect necessity more than simple catering towards Millennials.

Why Are Job Postings Down 40%?


Welcome to the recruiting industry when the last economic meltdown is 8 years in the past.

GE Is Buying National Ad Time for Their Employer Brand and Why You Should Care


I’ve previously blogged about how hiring strategies need to look a lot like marketing strategies. So, when I saw a commercial from GE on prime time television, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were marketing their employer brand!

What Talent Acquisition Can Learn from Sports


Hiring is competitive, and competition drives up costs. Finding, attracting, and retaining talent costs money. Depending on your talent needs any or all three of these things might be your specific hiring challenge.

The Candidate Volume Fallacy – A Mathematical Debunking


Everyone can be forgiven for thinking candidate volume from a paid job posting matters. It sounds like it should matter. More candidates mean a higher chance of success, right? Just one problem, neither is true. Here’s the math to prove it.

Could You Pitch Your Hiring Strategy? Part II (Building a Hiring Strategy)


In Part I, I broke down why posting a job on a job site is not a hiring strategy. Now I’d like to offer some ideas and strategies for developing a hiring strategy that will help you build a phenomenal team.

Could You Pitch Your Hiring Strategy? Part 1


Every company seems to have a well thought out marketing strategy, but why don’t they have an equally well thought out hiring strategy?

For companies that are hiring, especially startups, there appears to be a kind of willful blindness when it comes to their hiring strategy. Perhaps because founders believe so strongly in their company that they think everyone would want to work there, hiring managers often act like hiring is just a process of going out to the candidate tree to pick out a few top performers.


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