Does it cost anything to register?

No, all registrations are free.

Why do I need to use my mobile phone number?

There are two reasons we ask for your mobile phone number.
We authenticate every user through their mobile phone number to ensure the protection of your account and so you know the people you communicate with on Jobhubble have been authenticated as well.
For recruiters, we use the candidate's cell phone number to ensure the same candidate is not submitted to the same job more than once.

If I register as a candidate, will my resume be posted for recruiters to search?

No. The resume you upload cannot be searched by anyone. Only employers you apply to will be able to view your resume and only after you apply to a job.

What happens when I refer a friend to a job but they are not interested in applying?

Referrals only become visible to the employer if your friend approves the referral. If your friend rejects the referral or simply does not respond, the referral remains private and confidential between you two.

How do I get paid for sharing jobs?

If someone gets hired as a result of you referring a friend or from a job you shared, we will invoice the employer and collect your referral reward for you. Once we have the funds, we will send you your referral fee.

How do I get credit for just sharing a job?

Our software knows when people interact with your shared job. This lets us credit your account for all the people that apply to the job through your shared job or through any re-shares of the same job.

What happens if someone uses the "refer a friend" button from my share job?

They make a referral as they normally would and if that candidate gets hired, then you get a share of the referral reward just for having shared the job.

What happens if someone uses the "share this job" button from my share job?

The job will be shared on their social networks and your account gets partial credit for all candidates that come from this re-shared job and any further re-sharing of the job.

How do I know if someone was hired for the job?

You can view all the activity in your account from the "Jobs" link when you log in.

As a candidate, how will I know if the employer wants to interview me?

The employer may contact you directly if your contact information is on your resume. However, Jobhubble gives employers the ability to schedule interviews through our interface. If an employer selects you for an interview, Jobhubble will notify you immediately by email.

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