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Software Developer

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Software Developer

At JobHubble Inc.

Jobhubble lets you find a job, help a friend and earn money for charity all in one visit! So, if you’re an active networker or a social butterfly and you like creating disruptive technologies, then you might find Jobhubble a fun place to work at and build a career.

Jobhubble is a rewards-based job sharing platform that is changing how people interact with their network and how employers market to candidates. We’re looking for a Software Developer to join our team and further our mission to make recruitment cool.

The Job:
-	Come to work ready to shake up the recruitment industry.
-	Understand and think about our users and industry trends in relation to Jobhubble's mission.
-	Collaborate on growth initiatives and product development.
-	Develop new features from whiteboard to release.
-	Develop the next versions of existing features.
-	Network actively.

-	There are no time-cards at Jobhubble. We have project timelines, not "regular work hours".
-	If your voice isn't heard, you just need to speak louder because we insist on hearing your input.
-	You're joining a growing company at an early stage so the sky is the limit for you!
-	You get to actively help charities raise money, help amazing companies grow and help people connect to jobs they'll love!
-	Amazing office environment at the Ryerson DMZ (https://dmz.ryerson.ca/)
-	Free espresso, cappuccino, ristretto, coffee...anything with caffeine really.

Job Requirements

  • You look for bigger and tougher problems to solve because that's what you love doing!
  • Experience building amazing web apps or equivalent talent
  • Deep understanding of software development and a desire to continue to grow
  • (Nice to have) Experience developing products based in PHP
  • (Nice to have) Experience with the Drupal framework
  • (Nice to have) Experience with PostgreSQL
  • (Nice to have) Experience with Javascript/JQuery


Location: Toronto, Ontario
Type: Full Time
Number of Openings: 1

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