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Senior Mobile Developer

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$ 2000

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Senior Mobile Developer

At LifeTales


LifeTales ... founded and staffed by award winning, serial entrepreneurs. (Entrepreneur of the Year, 50 Best Managed Companies …)

LifeTales … an emerging B Corp committed to a double bottom line — creating both profit and a social good.

LifeTales ... cares deeply about our members and puts their needs first.

LifeTales’ ... vision is to enable people everywhere to preserve their life experiences for themselves, their close friends and their descendants, in a fun way and with little effort nor planning.

LifeTales ... appreciates new and emerging technologies and considers how they can transform people's lives.

LifeTales ... seeks a high performing, passionate individual, committed to excellence and with a deep desire to do not only do great work but also do social good.

You + Us

You + Us ... are excited about building a culture that considers the wider impacts of it's decisions and focuses on the greater good.

You + Us ... together we will push technology limits, learn lots, have fun, and build a great tech company headquartered here in Toronto.

You + Us ... will work collaboratively in a small, high performing, cross-functional team.

You + Us ... will work with our UX specialists to deliver a cutting edge mobile app.

You + Us ... will deliver tested code using TDD.

You + Us ... regularly deliver completed stories using Scrum methodology.

You + Us ... actively participate in Scrum Planning/Standup and Retrospectives.

You + Us ... love working downtown, in a dynamic and fun entrepreneurial environment.

Want to find out how you can add your skills to our mix and build great things together? Get in touch!

Job Requirements

  • You ... want to work with cutting edge mobile technologies, to build world changing products that help make a meaningful difference to people.
  • You ... are fluent with modern mobile development technologies and techniques and are willing and able to learn more.
  • You ... are committed to writing excellent code, following and constantly improving on best practices.
  • You ... are fluent in Agile and believe that the only place for waterfalls are on nature hikes.
  • You ... are an innovative developer that can take instructions and wrangle the required bits to consistently deliver high quality code.
  • You ... bring a problem solving attitude and approach to development.
  • You ... are someone who takes pride in the fact that you’re self-driven, communicative, quality-focused, goal-oriented and pursue learning as a lifelong achievement.
  • You ... have a GitHub profile with public repos and will provide the link in your application.
  • You ... understand the value of in-office team collaboration and know it is part of the secret sauce to delivering excellent product.


Location: Toronto, Ontario
Type: Full Time
Number of Openings: 1

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